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EEW Nano 1.x to 2 Upgrade

EEW Nano 1.x to 2 Upgrade

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This upgrades your flyer, electronics and motor for an EEW Nano 1.x to EEW Nano 2.  It will leave a large gap in the case since the USB plug is smaller than the old power plug.  You could cover this up by cutting some plastic or wood to size and gluing it to place, but nothing like that is included.  Other improvements related to the case like the new tension dial on the EEW Nano 2 are also not included.

  • Circuit Board
  • Motor
  • USB power cord and switch
  • Flyer
  • Sliding hooks
  • Orifice Reducer
  • 6 bobbins

This can also be used as spare parts for your EEW Nano 2.

This does not come with instructions, but this video shows how to install it.

If you have the original EEW Nano 1.0 then you’ll also need to make this small change to the motor mount.

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