Collection: Tilia

Tilia is a luxury yarn, spun from 70% kid mohair and 30% mulberry silk. Technically, Tilia is a thin, worsted spun and brushed yarn. Mohair fibres have all the good qualities we know from wool. They are warm, gorgeous and can absorb moisture, which makes garments knitted with mohair pleasant to wear. Compared to wool, mohair fibres are glossy and a bit stronger. Throughout millennia silk has been one of the most demanded fibres. It is glossy, beautiful, strong, and extremely pleasant to wear. The combination of silk and a cloud of mohair is one of the most exquisite and luxurious yarns one could ever wish to knit with. 

Mohair comes from the angora goat, which originates from the area around Ankara, Turkey, thus the name. The word mohair has origins in Arabic, and the angora goat is sometimes called the mohair goat. We spin our Tilia from Mohair from farms in South Africa. 

Mulberry silk is the best silk available. It is glossy and the fibres are consistent in thickness and stronger than other silk fibres. Mulberry silk has been produced for centuries in China and is an important export. In the ancient times, China was the only country that produced silk.

You can knit Tilia on its own, but we also recommend knitting it as a complimentary thread, for instance together with Arwetta, Merci or Peruvian.

Fibre: 70% kid mohair, 30% silke
Meterage: 210m/25g