Collection: Flax / Linen

Flax is the fiber that is spun into linen.

A characterful plant fibre which adds texture and movement to projects; can be spun on its own or to achieve lovely blends, blending flax with with wool or other fibres.

Flax is a very long and very strong plant fiber with no resiliency, no stretch, no give.  It is generally spun fine and the fibers need quite a bit of overlap as you're spinning since they don't have the scales that make wool fibers grab so easily onto each other. 


  • To get a smoother yarn, spin “wet,” using damp fingers on the drafting hand. Caution, do not let the moisture get into your fiber supply; it will activate pectin and can glue the fibers together making it more difficult to spin.
  • Finish linen yarns by simmering them with a teaspoon or so of washing soda (sodium carbonate) and a drop of detergent. This will soften and lighten the yarn and make it more absorbent.