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Maruchi Fibres

Flax/Linen Top - Bleached

Flax/Linen Top - Bleached

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Flax is a very long and very strong plant fiber with no resiliency, no stretch, no give.  It is generally spun fine and the fibers need quite a bit of overlap as you're spinning since they don't have the scales that make wool fibers grab so easily onto each other. Flax is the fiber that is spun into linen.


  • To get a smoother yarn, spin “wet,” using damp fingers on the drafting hand. Caution, do not let the moisture get into your fiber supply; it will activate pectin and can glue the fibers together making it more difficult to spin.
  • Finish linen yarns by simmering them with a teaspoon or so of washing soda (sodium carbonate) and a drop of detergent. This will soften and lighten the yarn and make it more absorbent.

Contents: 100% Flax/Linen

Weight: 100g.

Please Note: Colours may vary slightly from batch to batch due to the nature of natural fibre and depending on your screen settings.

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