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Maruchi Fibres

Radnor Top

Radnor Top

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The Radnor sheep is a predominately White breed found in the UK. Its fleece is fine enough to be used in speciality products and is long enough to be combed. The fibre fineness is approx. 31.5-33 microns and the length, 80-140mm. 

This rare breed has a lovely bulky and bouncy fleece, making it a great choice for bigger projects.

Those dyeing this fibre will find it takes very well and hold very bright and bold colours.

Microns: 31.5-33mic
Fibre Length: 80-140mm

Weight: 100g.

Perfect for hand spinning, hand felting and many other craft uses.

Please Note: Colours may vary slightly from batch to batch due to the nature of natural fibre and depending on your screen settings.


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A blend of various non-super wash, high quality and luxury fibres. Each one the of batts are unique and one of a kind.

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