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Maruchi Fibres

Skinny Andean Wool FIERCE (7030)

Skinny Andean Wool FIERCE (7030)

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50 g = 150 m
Needles: 4-5,5 mm
Gauge: 17-22 sts

Skinny Andean Wool is a versatile and soft, single spun yarn with a good structure that keeps a good stitch definition also on larger needles and suitable for both garments and interior projects. The bright colors are dyed on the natural white wool and the natural tones are dyed on af mix of natural white and dark wool adding a natural melange look to the nuances. 

KAOS YARN Skinny Andean Wool is made of 100% peruvian highland wool from a natural crossbreed between Merinos and Corriedale sheep grazing in the Andes 2500-5000 m above sea level. The yarn is spun in Peru at a family owned and Fair Trade certified mill, ensuring good conditions for animals, people and the environment. 

KAOS YARN colors are inspired by human nature and our personal strengths. Colors speak to us and can lift our mood and wellbeing. Explore your colorful nature!

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A blend of various non-super wash, high quality and luxury fibres. Each one the of batts are unique and one of a kind.

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