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EEW Nano 2

EEW Nano 2

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When buying any EEW product, buy 300 grams of wool of your choosing and get 20% off the wool.

The EEW Nano 2 is the lower-priced and more compact cousin of the EEW 6.0. With its 2 ounce bobbins and the ability to power it from a USB port, it is the ultimate travel-friendly wheel. Traditional spinning wheels can be expensive and drop spindles can be slow and difficult to learn, but the EEW Nano offers an affordable and easy-to-use option for all skill levels. With its fully functional design, you can spin singles and ply them together effortlessly. 

The Electric Eel Wheel Nano is an affordable and travel friendly e-spinner that spins your fiber into beautiful yarn!  It is great for both new spinners and for experienced spinners looking for a fully functional spinning wheel.

When purchasing pick between blue and black colors for the base.  You’ll get two blue, two light gray, and two green bobbins (6 bobbins total).  Each bobbin holds around 2 ounces of yarn.

Weight: 0,6 kg.

Each package includes everything you need to start spinning:

  • EEW Nano 2
  • 6 Bobbins
  • USB power cord with switch
  • Orifice Reducer
  • Orifice hook
  • Spin card to help measure your yarn
  • User Manual

The orifice hole is about 6mm (about 1/4 inch) in diameter when using the orifice reducer and if that’s removed then the orifice hole is 16mm (over 1/2 inch).  

This comes with a North American style USB charger, if you live in other countries with different wall plugs you’ll need to provide your own USB wall charger (2A+) or use a USB battery pack. 

If you want to make the EEW Nano 2 completely portable then you can pair it with a battery pack.

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