Collection: Filcolana

Filcolana produces quality yarn from the best wool and the fibers are spun in Peru, England and Italy. All wool is mulesing-free and the mohair comes from South Africa.

Filcolana is a danish company and the focus is on quality, sustainability and responsibility and they develop the color palette themselves. The dyes are manufactured according to EU standards and follow all guidelines for harmless chemistry and environmental considerations.

Filcolana's knitting and crochet patterns are designed by some of Scandinavia's most skilled designers. Some are established on the Nordic knitting scene, others are at the beginning of their design career. For Filcolana, it is important that the designers have the opportunity to express their creativity and we do everything we can to support them in their creative process. 

Filcolana's history stretches back to 1952. Filcolana has been owned by several families over the years. In 2009, Nanna Gudmand-Høyer took over Filcolana and together with her talented employees, she has been running the company ever since.